Tuesday, August 19, 2008

European Library provides search box to their resources

News from The European Library

The European Library [TEL] is a service provided by the Conference of European National Librarians (CENL). It offers free access to the combined resources of the national libraries of Europe. The service is aimed at everyone who wants a powerful and simple way of finding (digital) library materials.

TEL is the organizational driver for the European Digital Library. This European Commission initiative will encompass not only libraries but also museums, archives and other holders of cultural heritage content.

In other words - The European Library is a highly reliable educational tool and a unique source for information from across Europe. www.TheEuropeanLibrary.org

Having developed this great resource, they are now providing a mini version of its searchbox that website owners can easily install on their own site to search the TEL digital collection. This searchbox is now available to install for free. See: Mini Searchbox

This searchbox gives direct and centralized access to Europe's national libraries. This means you can offer your users:

- a quick check whether a national library has digitised a particular item
- a shortcut to reliable information and material (books, photos, maps,
images, films, etc.) from all over Europe.

To get results your visitors only need to enter a search term in the box like the one below. Check it out:

They also have a linking program. See: Links
Please send your request for inclusion to mailto:info@theeuropeanlibrary.org

In the near future the services of The European Library will be expanded. You can Subscribe on their site to their newsletter to keep up to date.

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